Friday, October 17, 2008

eyespy with my little eye.....

eyespydesigns is custom designing cases for your reading glasses and sunglasses. OUR MAIN FOCUS FOR THE BUSINESS IS SUCCESS:But success can mean different things to different people. After a trip to Bali and witnessing first hand the devastation that the bombing had on the local villagers, we started searching for a business that would enable us to give back something to these beautiful people
Our business is not run in the conventional way. Because we believe giving and receiving are one and the same, we look upon our business an
d the products that come to it, with a source of great joy. It is our way of connecting with people, both our clients and the people we help, with love and respect. This is our definition of success – unconventional?Yes definitely!!!! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Catch us at the Melvourne cup Luncheon at the Everton park Hotel, we have a new collection of womanswear being featured in the fashion parade.

Happiness always, Beth and Clare

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