Friday, October 10, 2008

Ento Art

Janine Clark has always had an interest in things that creep and crawl and a natural inquisitive nature and scientific bent; this combined with her interest in arts and crafts has led her to combine her two passions and create Ento Art*. Ento Art is not just about artwork. Janine is very interested in maintaining local populations of her beloved insects, especially butterflies. 
Janine studied at Griffith University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies, majoring in Land and Water Processes. Her interest in entomology was developed during the mid 1990s when she worked for a period of several years for the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries in a couple of their insect identification projects. Ento Art is about appreciating the beauty of insects as enduring pieces of artwork. On this site, you'll find a range of pinned insects that have been framed on hand painted backgrounds that bring out and enhance the colours of the specimen. Each piece is unique. The insects framed are either caught or hand reared by the artist. Looking for that perfect gift for the 'difficult-to-buy-for' person at an affordable price? Why not consider some Ento Art? Prices start at as little as $30.00. A range of gift ware is on offer including framed insects, poetry and paintings. Pieces can be duplicated, although because they are hand made each one is slightly different. Requests for particular butterflies can be accommodated, however, the specimens may have to be sourced form external contacts by the artist if they are not in stock. For information contact Janine via email. 

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