Monday, April 28, 2008

Daisy Mountain Designs

Daisy Mountain Designs offers a range of fabric homewares, hobby horses and original patterns.

One idea for Mothers Day is to purchase a fabric "lunch Pack" and a coffee mug to give to mum to take to sports days, soccer, netabll etc. It helps us all to tread more lightly on the earth by not using styrofoam, plastic or paper cups. Some of the Coffee on the Go Vans also give you a discount for using your own cup! And we all know a cup of tea or coffee tastes so much better out of a good cup. At the next Market on May 4th I will have a range of coffee mugs to co ordinate with the lunch packs for sale. I can even label the pack with Mum's name or simply Mum's Cup!

Have a great week See you on Sunday.


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